When selecting a coach or mentor to work with, it’s important to select someone who has a track record with success. Someone who has done the unthinkable, done the unimaginable, and even more importantly has done what you want to do, is who you want to be, and can take you places you want to go. Michael sums that up.

There are 7 things that separate Michael from every other coach or consultant you will speak to.

1. Leadership – Michael has a great ability to gain trust, rapport, respect, and authority very quickly in any organization.

2. Outside the box thinking – Michael has a knack for thinking quickly on his feet and can brainstorm possibilities and solutions for you that are not only unique, but very personal to your organization.

3. Analytical Skills – Michael is a rare breed. Most people are either creative or analytical. Michael has a rare combination of the two woven into his DNA. His ability to think creatively is matched with super analytical skills and his attention to detail.

4.  Strategic Objectives – Everything we do together will focus on Proactive Strategic Objectives and NOT Reactive tactical in the trenches “work”.  We build your business and work this way so that you get 3, 5, or even 10 times the impact from every move you make.  Most coaches and consultants just address problems with band-aid solutions that aren’t built to last.

5.  Solutions – You will get more than just questioning with me.  Since I have built my own companies and helped so many clients build their own companies as well, I bring SOLUTIONS to the table.  So in addition to coaching and questioning, you get real world solutions that we know work!

6.  Top Producer – Michael has consistently been a top producing 6 figure and soon to be 7 figure earning coach.  This is a rare feat in this business and only happens to coaches who know how to grow their business, practice what they preach, and most importantly, GET RESULTS!

7.  Trusted Expert – Michael is currently one of only 70 coaches in the world chosen by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Breakthroughs company as a service provider for their clients.  Hundreds apply each year for this and are turned down.  Michael has also served as a global trainer and master coach for one of the worlds largest business coaching franchises and received numberous awards while doing so.

As a successful entrepreneur and founder of nearly a dozen companies, Michael has worked in or ON, owned a stake in, or flat-out owned over 100 different businesses in just about every kind of industry you can imagine. Michael has worked in Manufacturing, Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Website Design, Rehabbing, Flipping Homes, Remodeling, Real Estate Agents, Race Car Industry, Marketing, Advertising, Accounting, Financial Planning, Insurance, Hair Salon’s, Staffing, Golf Courses, Lawyers, Skating Rinks, Mortgage, Gyms, Coaching, Photography, Landscaping, Construction, Clothing, Health and Fitness, Cafe’s, Software companies, Non-Profits, Day Care, Auto Repair, Cleaning Companies, Business Coaches, Business Brokers, IT Firms, Appraisers, and Inspectors just to name a few.

The thing that wows Michael’s clients is that the fundamentals of business are the same across every industry and how easily Michael is able to work with any industry you can imagine.

Work with a champion. Michael has beaten the odds over and over again to reach the top of the mountain. And did we mention that he’s a Christian? Ask Michael how or why he has achieved so much in his life and you will get one answer – God. Michael completely believes that he is abundantly blessed by God to help others achieve their dreams. In return, he gets to achieve many of his own.


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