Why Honor and Integrity is Worth More Than Money

A friend of mine asked me this week about a business decision I made last year that cost me several thousands of dollars.  I thought I would briefly share what happened and why I feel I made the right choice.  You can decide for yourself what you would have done.

So here’s the scenario last year.  A very wealthy friend of mine asked me to get involved in a business venture of his.  I took a serious look at the business, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for me.  I knew we could make a lot of money, but quite frankly the concept bored me to tears.  One of the key compensation components was in building a national sales team and  receiving a generous commission on all their sales.  While this intrigued me, I had to make a decision.  Was I doing this for the money or the love of the business?

You see, I’ve found that if you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it very well.  Forget the money for a second because loving what you do each day is priceless!

Let’s fast-forward a few months.  After I decided not to pursue this opportunity, I referred another friend to it.  Now I did this for the sole reason that I knew she would LOVE this and pursue it will all her heart and I knew she would be a rock star at it.  Soon after I referred her, my friend called me up and told me I should jump in the business and put her on my team.  Even if I didn’t do anything else in the business, I would make a small fortune off of her work.  I politely declined.

For me, this is where HONOR and INTEGRITY come in.

You have to understand my point of view on this.  When I commit to something, I really commit to it and stick with it until it works or fails miserably.  It’s the only way I function.  So if I would have gotten into that business, I would have gone all the way.  For me, I wouldn’t recruit a sales person and then leave them without my leadership.  In my opinion, there’s no honor or integrity in that move.  It’s purely money driven and will bite you in the rear.

In this particular case, I knew I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I left my team out in the cold without my direct guidance and supervision.  Regardless of my abilities, those people would be my responsibility and I would give them 100%.  But that’s where my heart jumped in and said, NO!  I knew I didn’t like the business and would be bored out of my mind very quickly.  That would translate into the business amd my team and I would eventually hate every moment of it.  Which would present another problem for me.  Because of my commitment mindset, I would pour my soul into this business only to hate every minute of it and eventually resent the whole thing, my team and my friend.  My other option was to quit if I hated it and quitting just isn’t an option for me.

So in this case, the honorable thing to do was not to get involved in that business, BUT still refer people who I thought were a great fit for it.  You see, in your heart, you have to figure out who you are and what you are about.  For me, I’m all about helping people achieve their dreams.  I’m not the only person in the world like this, but I’ll tell you what differentiates me from many.  I don’t focus myself on how I will be rewarded for helping others.  That limits my abilities to help people achieve their dreams which is why I was put on this planet.

Honor and Integrity are more important than money for this simple reason…  You can always make more money, but it’s nearly impossible to get back your honor or integrity once you show the world that you are willing to comprise either or both of them for any reason.

Another great reason to focus on honor and integrity over money is the legacy you leave behind.  Most people have no idea the impact they make on their team or their family.  Believe me when I say everyone is watching every move you make.  Especially your children.  So leave the generation after you better off by leading with Honor and Integrity every day in every decision you make.  You will be rewarded properly for doing the right things.  And as you can see from the picture of my little girls below, there are some things that money just can’t buy!

My little girls

Katie and Megan 2010

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