Top 5 Most Asked Questions About Working With A Business Coach

August 7, 2009

1. How often should I meet with a coach? – The ideal coaching situation is weekly sessions for 8 to 12 months.

2. Why 8 to 12 months? – Let me put it this way, it has taken you years to become the person you are today. A lot of habits and ways of thinking won’t change over night.

3. What will we be working on? – We will focus on whatever your needs are. All coaching plans are customized for our clients. However, we will focus planning, sales, marketing, and customer retention as core pieces of our sessions.

4. How much is this going to cost? – Look at it like this, what is it going to cost you not to do it? Our average client invests between $1,000 and $3,500 per month with us. For that, our average client earn a 432% Return On Investment. Some clients have seen as much as a 5,000% ROI. The best part is that we teach you skills that you can apply for life. The ROI should be endless. One last point, if you have a degree, how much did you pay for it? And what is it returning for you? Our coaching is directly applied back to your business each week. No wait for a return on this investment.

5. So how do I get started? – Simple. Just call us today (636-577-5005) and schedule a FREE Session. In that free session, we will review your business, sales, marketing, and your goals. We will then brainstorm some ideas and if it makes sense, we will get you started that day with some strategies to start working on.

One last thing, you won’t be alone anymore. We will be right there for you to help you every step of the way.


6 Things Your Should Know About Having a Business Coach

August 6, 2009

1. You will make less mistakes – A business coach is someone who has successfully started and maintained their own business as well as worked with dozens or even hundreds of business owners. So they have seen or experienced first hand the most common mistakes in business. Learning these mistakes on your own is often expensive, but more importantly, it takes time to learn that you are doing it wrong and it takes time to recover. Skip all that waste of time and money and learn from an expert.

2. Make more PROFITS! – Business coaches are trained on every aspect of your business. They are professionals a teaching business owners how to make a business work and how to get more profits out of it. Business coaches can help you with Sales, Marketing, Business Planning, and much more. All things that will lead to more money for you.

3. Accountability – One of the biggest reasons business owners need a coach is accountability. As a business owner, there is rarely anyone holding you accountable each week to force you to grow your business. As a coaching client, we will work with you on what your goals and dreams are for your business and then push you to achieve them.

4. Someone to Listen to you – It’s often pretty lonely being a business owner. One of our biggest benefits is being there to listen to what’s going on in your business and your life and to just be a support system for you.

5. Focus on the Big Picture – As a coach, it’s my job to keep your eyes on the prize. Our coaching programs get you clear on your future and make sure you stay on track by always knowing where you are headed.

6. We Tell It Like it is – In business, you need someone on your team who isn’t afraid to be upfront and candid with you about your business, your plans, your strategies, your employees, and even your behavior. A coach will do just that. We won’t pull any punches, but we will work with you to find answers that will make your life better.