9 Stages of Selling

Most people that I talk to think they know how to sell.  But most people I talk to only have 1 or 2 of the basic 9 steps down.  This is why their closing percentage is 10 or 20%.  If you want to get your closing percentage to 50 or even 75%, here is an outline that will help you sell more deals and make more money.

1.  Make a Friend – Selling is all about relationships.

2.  Find common ground – People need to like you and it works best if they have something in common with you.

3.  Ask intelligent questions – Remember that you just need to have a conversation with people and that you want to learn about them.  The best way to do that is to ask questions.

4.  Dig deep – Don’t stop at surface level questions.  If someone tells you where they want to go on vacation, ask them “How long they have wanted to go there?”  Or  “What they plan to do while they are there?”  Really get an understanding of what that is important to them.

5.  Listen – Not much needs to be said here.  2 ears, 1 mouth, use proportionately….   You learn a lot about someone when you let them talk.

6.  Help them Visualize – Selling works best when people can visualize themselves using your product or service or reaping the benefits of them.

7.  Get a commitment – Nothing worse than having a great meeting with a prospect and then leaving them hanging.  You need to get a commitment for the next order, for next Tuesday, or a check/credit card today.  TIP:  Not doing this wastes the first 6 steps.

8.  Make them want to buy – I really hate selling.  I love helping people buy stuff, and people love to buy.  This is important because it will not only increase your sales it will bring you more repeat business and referrals.  It also eliminates buyers remorse.

9.  Ask for the money– This may be the toughest step for most sales people.  Many people just won’t ask for the money.  I’m not telling you to get crazy about this or act like a telemarketer (no offense to telemarketers), but at some point in the sales process, you have to say, “is this going on your credit card or are you paying with a check today?”  Doing this step alone will double your conversion rate.


3 Responses to 9 Stages of Selling

  1. Great tips! It’s really important even for coaches to know what sales presentation training are being used in business. For business owners, they have to make sure that their own staff or themselves practice their sales presentation training on a regular basis – even through role playing if possible to – enhance their skills.


  2. Michael LeJeune says:

    You are so right Sharon. I think a lot of coaches forget that they have to do this as well.

  3. Butch Marie says:

    Amen; to Sharon … and of course, kudos to you. Being my website builder and financial advisor, I always try to put your every word into a place in my brain … that is not toooooo overloaded yet.

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