What Have You Written Today?

No matter what industry you are in, it makes sense to write something each day.  You have some bit of unique knowledge about your industry or the way you perform that makes you special.  Writing it down and posting in a blog or some other place where people can read it, makes you more special.

A major benefit to writing is building credibility and getting your name out there.  And always remember that you don’t have to be a professional writer.  Just write the way you speak and be sure to spell check your writing.

It’s always good to put some links back to your website if you post on an external site like a blog, facebook, or some other site.

You have something to share so be sure and write it or type it before the thoughts are gone!


One Response to What Have You Written Today?

  1. Butch Marie says:

    Yep; every day; a little on the books; or on the blogs. Am hoping to put some of my spiritual blogs in the book about Cajun Traiteurs … and that will introduce folks to our website. Merci for all your help. Makes me know that you are NEVER tooooo old to learn new things.

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