Google Alerts

Here’s a quick, but valuable suggestion.  I recently started monitoring Google Alerts for my name and industry.  Simply go to  and setup keyword alerts for any words you wish.  I have two setup that I monitor daily.  I focus on one for my name and one for business coaching.  This allows me to see any news posted about me or my industry. 

Very handy for many reasons.  One big reason is to see if someone is posting good or bad press about you on the web.  If they are posting good things about you, you can thank them.  If they are posting bad things about you, you can work with them to resolve these things.  And don’t kid yourself, no matter how great your service is, people are going to complain about you.  And here’s an insider tip:  They almost never complain to you if something is wrong.  So be smart and monitor your personal profile and your industry keywords.

On the industry side, it’s great to see some of the press that happens in your industry.  For example, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt just posted a video on how everyone needs a coach.  It’s a great video and it shows how he didn’t think he needed a coach until he got one.  Here’s the video so you can check it out.


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