The B-GREAT System

Here’s a little system that I recently came up with to help organize my day.  I find the key to a great system is something easy to remember and easy to follow.  With that in mind, I came up with the B-GREAT system. 

The system is easy to follow and should be customized to your individual needs.  My suggestion is to follow this each day.  You can even make a quick checklist to ensure that you meet each step each day. 

System Outline:

B – Breakfast – Everyone needs to start the day off with a little breakfast.  Most nutritionist recommend this as the most important meal of the day and with that, it should be the largest.  This will help you get your mind sharp for the day as well as set your body up for success with regard to diet. 

G – Goals –You should start each day out with 1 ot 2 goals for the day.  Accomplish those goals and you should be on track to accomplishing your weekly, monthly, or long-term goals.  Be sure to set realistic goals for the day and be sure that they help you accomplish your long-term vision.

R- Reading – If you are an avid reader, this is an easy thing to do each day, but most of us are not big readers these days.  My suggestion is to start with 15 minutes a day.  That goal accomplishes a lot of things.  First, studies show that most people only remember at the highest levels for the first 15 minutes and last 15 minutes of study or reading.  So skip the middle part and just learn at the highest level.  It’s a great place to start.  Here’s what I have done to get back into reading.  I start the day with one chapter in the book of Proverbs.  There are 31 chapters in the book so you can read one a day.  These are very quick and get my mind going.  Since that book is based on the wisdom of the wisest man to ever walk the planet, it’s a good place to start the day.  I then try to ready 5 or 10 minutes in a business or personal development book.

E-Exercise –We all need at least 30 minutes a day of exercise.  That is really at a minimum.  Again, you can do less, but many studies show that you don’t really start to burn fat or get a good cardio workout until you hit that 30 minute mark.  What people don’t realize that is exercise could be a lot of things.  You can really get creative here.   You may have to invest a bit more time in the activity to get what you need out of it, but there are many activities that can help keep you in shape.  Here are a few.

You can:  *  Go to the Gym   *  Ride a Bike   *  Organize your basement   *  Clean your house   *  Play with your kids   *  Take your dog for a walk   *  Take a walk at the park   *  Go hiking   *  Jump on a trampoline (kids optional)              *  Play a sport   *  Chop firewood   *  Clean out and hand wash your car

A – Action Steps/Action Plan –The key to a system like this or even life is ACTION.  Which means you have to DO something.  Action requires DOing.  Your daily action plan should have a couple of components.  The first is a schedule.  We all need a schedule for the day that keeps us organized and on top of things.  This could be done with a date book or calendar or with something more techie like Microsoft Outlook calendar and reminders.  I also like to use tasks in my Outlook to make sure I’m keeping track of the things I accomplish.  Just remember to keep it simple.  One of the most popular suggestions is to plan your day the night before or first thing in the morning.  Taking a few minutes to plan your day.  This is the glue that holds together the whole system.  This is how you plan out your breakfast for the week, work on your goals for the day, it’s when you get your reading done, and find time to exercise.  One last thing, your action plan can change during the course of the day depending on your needs.  Be flexible, but make sure your plan gets all the important things done first.

T – Time for Reflection/Self– Here is one that most people may already be doing, but not really thinking about.  It’s important to think back on the day and be able to go over the days events and ask this question:  Did I do everything I could today to move my life forward?  I only spend in little bit of time reflecting on the day, but I find it very helpful to look back at the day and see how I used that time.  Time is your most valuable resource.  You have to spend and invest it wisely because you only get one shot at it.  Sometimes I ask myself, If today was my last day on the planet, would I be proud of how I spend it?  The answer isn’t always YES.  So I use this reflection time to think of better ways to act next time.  I also think of situations I was in and how I might have acted differently to change the outcome.  This is a part of the system that can really develop wisdom in your life if you allow the time to reflect and understand your actions and how they impacted your life.  The second part of this is time for yourself.  You need time to recharge and relax each day.  It may be 20 minutes playing a game by yourself, browsing the web or working on your Facebook page.  Whateve the release, we all need one on a daily basis.  This is great exercise for your brian.  It will also help your brain come up with some of your greatest ideas.

2 Responses to The B-GREAT System

  1. Butch Marie says:

    Now … I just need to put this plan into action in my own life. Being semi-retired … I know I spend more time on email than folks that still have to work for a living. But since so much of it … is … working for the LORD; I do not ever regret that. I got an awesome email today from a friend in Bakersfield CA … whom I would have never known except for the praying list that I created and send out note from. If you ever need prayers … send ‘request for prayers’ to …

  2. Butch Marie says:

    This one got me into BIG trouble. A big breakfast lasts me until mid-afternoon; so then a 2pm snack … and a small supper was put to a test. My fasting blood sugar reading are sooooooooo much better and I lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks. SOOOOOO this does not have to be practiced only in your business life; although not cooking lunch and cleaning up afterwards … lets me get more work done in this office. Boy, even cleaned and cleared lots of books and collectibles that I want to give to Layla and her mommie and grammie. Merci, to you and Jesus.

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